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The Schlumbohm GmbH & Co.KG - successful on the market for over 50 years -


In the dental industry a name for innovative medical devices.


The company is located since 1968 in family ownership.

Since 1968, the company develops and delivers high-quality, high-performance three-phase drives (SF) technique for dental technology, industrial and aeronautical engineering.

The first generation change took place in the year 1993.

The constant presence on the market of the dental industry, and related experiences, as well as excellent contacts to specialists nationally and internationally, leading to ever new areas of business. Thus, after the generation change in 1993, the development and production of the bone filter KF-T2 and KF-T3 (implantology) began in 1995. In 1999 an efficient and compact bone mill KM-3 was developed at the customer's request. It enables the targeted comminution of bone blocks into the largest possible volume of bone chips.

Since 2001, the company develops and manufactures modern torque-monitored motor systems (EndoPilot) for mechanical root canal preparation (endodontics).

With each development, stands, next to the course desired, optimal treatment outcome, the most simple and convenient handling in the foreground.

The long-term success of the company speaks for itself!