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BoneMill KM-3

KnochenMühle KM-3

In order to correct big bone-defects, bone has to be taken out at other intra-oral positions frequently. The bigger bone-pieces, as well as bone-blocks, are out-separated with a trepan-drill for example. The bone-mill finds its use in grinding of these bone-blocks. The purpose is to generate an utmost volume at bone-chips from the bone-blocks. The chips should be granulated consistency to be well  adaptable in the bone-bed. Autologues bone transplant has better properties than any other bone replacement material.

The special-cut-cylinder

The special-cut-cylinder of the bone-mill KM-3 has been developed in order to get granulated bone-chips. The cut-cylinder owns vacuum hardened straight, teethed with a special-wave-cut. Short granulated bone-pieces originate that show a length of 1,6 mm at most. These kind of bone-chips can be applied better so that the bone-groth of the new bone is secured. Studies confirm that autologous bone transplant is clearly superior to all allogenic, xenogenic and alloplastic materials for the reconstruction of bones. On the basis of the wave-cut, working the mill is easy.