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Titan Knochenfilter KF-T3


With the modern augmentation, autologous bone proves on the basis of its osteoplastic potency and the lacking immunological reactions to be bone-substitute of first choice. The bone-quantity depends on the implant-size. It surpasses the implant-volume until approximately 2,4times.

In investigations of won bone material vital osteoblasts could be generated in the cell culture also without additive of osteogener factors. The emigration by osteoblasts was to be observed independently of the age of the patients or the donor region in comparable way.
G.S.D. Chiriac, M.Herten, D.Rothamel u. Prof. J. Beckr, Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf 2004)

The advantages:

  • timesaving extraction of autologous bone-material
  • the especially big filter-surface guarantees maximum suction and interruption-free working
  • easy handling – just plug and suck
  • the tianium KF-T3 lies directly in the hand and guarantees high mobility during the treatment



The new generation of one-way-sieves (MFS) has a surface-optimized geometry. The openings of the sieve has the form of honeycombs, that guarantees an utmost open surface. The smooth and flat surface of the MFS prevents a premature closing of the sieve-pores and eases the removal of the recovered bones chips.